Thursday, March 17, 2011

Between a needle and a hard run

As you may have noticed, I haven't contributed a post in about 3 weeks. Im sad to say, in those 3 weeks I also didn't run. I think it was in my last post that I commented on the pain I was feeling in my hip and knees after the run started to get longer. The next few days were pretty painful and I took the advice given to me and took it easy.
By the end of week 1, not only was my hip still in pain but it started to click and lock and I resorted to limping again. This is when I knew I had to check in at the Orthopedics Clinic. I made an appointment and 2 weeks later, here I am with heavy decisions to make.
Today I had new x-rays taken on the damaged hip and met with a new surgeon I hadnt seen before (Im not fond of the previous surgeon on my case). After looking at the x-rays he commented that you cant really see where the fracture was but he can clearly see the chunk of bone they removed and where they scraped away at the debris. We went through the range of motions and to what degree I can move it, noting where the pain was felt. All this leads him to think that what he is seeing, and examining, is the product of a protrusion of excess bone at the fracture area that prevents rotation at a certain angle and thus causes pain. Think of it this way, you know those roller-ball deodorants? The ball free rolls in the socket. Well imagine if you hammered a nail into the ball and tried to free roll it. The nail would catch and prevent it right? Thats what I have going on it looks like.
Because its not 100% that thats the issue, if I want to resolve it, I have to submit to a shot of steroid and pain medication straight into the joint under an x-ray. If it resolves the pain, then its muscular and not a protrusion. If it doesn't do a damn thing, then I move forward to a Hip Arthroscopy, Hip scope for short. What that is, is a pretty neat surgical procedure where three incisions are made, one for a camera, one for a saline flush and one for a tool, all on the hip. With it they can clean and flush the joint which in my case, includes removal of the protrusion and what ever decay there might be.
To go along with all this, and just because it came as a bonus gift 4 years ago, the surgeon suggested I get the hardware in my elbow removed. Through a small incision he could get the pins and the tension band removed without disturbing the screw that really isn't posing any obstructions or pain.
All this sounds pretty awesome as far as solutions right? Well, I'm honestly scared. I am not one to easily go under for any procedure. I've been told i 'awfulize' things, make them out to be more awful that they are. Blame my over active imagination. Im afraid to wake up mid surgery, feel everything but be unable to scream, have more pain that before, run into complications or *gulp* die.
The surgeon suggested I don't go ahead with marathon training too. Why speed up the damage to my already fragile hip? he asked. But. "Either way, its more pain than anything else. You can do it, just deal with its obvious consequence".
Between needles and daily Ibuprofen intakes, I have a lot to think about this week end. I still really really want to run this marathon. I want to show myself that I CAN do it...but is it worth the pain and risk? Should I go through with the procedures and still go for the marathon? Should I do nothing at all?
Opinion Box Open.

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