Monday, March 21, 2011

Pins and Needles

I spent the entire weekend pondering the last post I made. Im sure you're probably thinking Im a chicken. And your right, but at least I can admit it right? Listen, I have gone through FAR worse, remember that thing called labor? Yea I've done it twice and survived (though the children have got it in their minds to not let that go too long). I've also survived a skeletal traction removal without anesthesia BUT I HAD NO CHOICE.
Fate must have known I wouldn't press the red button all on my own so whilst I napped small-child today, the surgeon's office called me. Mrs.H didn't ask at all if I still fancied getting my hardware removed, she dictated: April 19th Mrs. 'Ski, and for Pre-Op we will see you the 14th.
Now it sits there in red type on my google calendar SURGERY.
If I can get through the hardware removal, I can take the shot to the hip right? Im wondering how long before radiology comes calling for that one.
One down, 2 to go.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Between a needle and a hard run

As you may have noticed, I haven't contributed a post in about 3 weeks. Im sad to say, in those 3 weeks I also didn't run. I think it was in my last post that I commented on the pain I was feeling in my hip and knees after the run started to get longer. The next few days were pretty painful and I took the advice given to me and took it easy.
By the end of week 1, not only was my hip still in pain but it started to click and lock and I resorted to limping again. This is when I knew I had to check in at the Orthopedics Clinic. I made an appointment and 2 weeks later, here I am with heavy decisions to make.
Today I had new x-rays taken on the damaged hip and met with a new surgeon I hadnt seen before (Im not fond of the previous surgeon on my case). After looking at the x-rays he commented that you cant really see where the fracture was but he can clearly see the chunk of bone they removed and where they scraped away at the debris. We went through the range of motions and to what degree I can move it, noting where the pain was felt. All this leads him to think that what he is seeing, and examining, is the product of a protrusion of excess bone at the fracture area that prevents rotation at a certain angle and thus causes pain. Think of it this way, you know those roller-ball deodorants? The ball free rolls in the socket. Well imagine if you hammered a nail into the ball and tried to free roll it. The nail would catch and prevent it right? Thats what I have going on it looks like.
Because its not 100% that thats the issue, if I want to resolve it, I have to submit to a shot of steroid and pain medication straight into the joint under an x-ray. If it resolves the pain, then its muscular and not a protrusion. If it doesn't do a damn thing, then I move forward to a Hip Arthroscopy, Hip scope for short. What that is, is a pretty neat surgical procedure where three incisions are made, one for a camera, one for a saline flush and one for a tool, all on the hip. With it they can clean and flush the joint which in my case, includes removal of the protrusion and what ever decay there might be.
To go along with all this, and just because it came as a bonus gift 4 years ago, the surgeon suggested I get the hardware in my elbow removed. Through a small incision he could get the pins and the tension band removed without disturbing the screw that really isn't posing any obstructions or pain.
All this sounds pretty awesome as far as solutions right? Well, I'm honestly scared. I am not one to easily go under for any procedure. I've been told i 'awfulize' things, make them out to be more awful that they are. Blame my over active imagination. Im afraid to wake up mid surgery, feel everything but be unable to scream, have more pain that before, run into complications or *gulp* die.
The surgeon suggested I don't go ahead with marathon training too. Why speed up the damage to my already fragile hip? he asked. But. "Either way, its more pain than anything else. You can do it, just deal with its obvious consequence".
Between needles and daily Ibuprofen intakes, I have a lot to think about this week end. I still really really want to run this marathon. I want to show myself that I CAN do it...but is it worth the pain and risk? Should I go through with the procedures and still go for the marathon? Should I do nothing at all?
Opinion Box Open.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well Blow Me Down!

Sadly my days of running on the Orange Dirt Road came to a close. I was reverted back to the asphalt track with a stern reminder that I must train in the road conditions I will run in. *sigh* Surprised? So was I.  I was so intimidated with the big track. In honesty though, I do better on the Orange Dirt Road. I felt less tired less early on than on the asphalt track. My theory is that because its big and you only get one run around, you dont get bored running a small circuit. The change of scenery is refreshing to this unfocused mind. The lower impact of the dirt track might also be to blame. Todays minutes per mile was 14:48, which is almost a 40 second increase from Wednesdays run.

Heres who I would REALLY like to blame: Gale. Force. Winds.

Today I was joined in training by S, another military wife whom I just met recently. I have to give it to her...she jumped right in and RAN. Somehow we had it that our walk session was on the side of the track that let the winds propel us while the jogging portion landed us in opposition to the wind. She couldnt hear me, I couldnt hear her. No one could hear my husband...though all we wanted from him was the "walk" command. While he trotted ahead of us, jogging stroller breaking the wind before him, S and I would lean into it and push so hard though it all felt like we were running in place. But we survived. 33 minutes and 40 seconds of track time and 2.21 miles. Boo yah!

*high five S!*

Lets just hope she returns Monday :$

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Follow the Orange Dirt Road

Ok ok, this post is about 2 days late. I tend to run on something my husband calls Cuban Time. Its kind of like Key West time. If you're unfamiliar with both, the best way to explain it is: I get there at my own lax time. Not a proud thing :/
Monday (2/14/11) was day 4 of training and as the beginning of the 2nd week, it was a new endurance training session. Running time was upped to 90 seconds and brisk walk to 2 mins. Being Valentines, the husband and I went out to lunch alone and I got to geek over my resurrected love for Manga at the bookstores. And promptly after that we headed out to Barton Field.
Typically, and im not sure if ive mentioned it, we run on a small asphalt track located at about the middle of Barton Field. Barton Field is the main PT field here where were stationed and its HUGE! This is where they hold most of the post public celebrations, fairs, carnivals, etc. Ive only ever walked a 1/3 of it and of course, run the asphalt track. When we arrived Monday, however, the asphalt track was being used by the Army for PT tests. There was a lot of grunting, screaming, sweaty, FAST looking soldiers out there and it didn't look like they were ready to give the track up any time soon. There was also NO WAY I was going to do my silly little attempts at running along (behind) them.  Since we were there already, we hit the perimeter dirt track I affectionately call The Orange Dirt Road. Its Georgia Red Clay at its....well, dirtiest. Thousands upon thousands of feet have compounded this dirt track everyday for a thousand possible reasons. And yet its always intimidated me.
And I was right to be so! The first leg of the two mile run was BRUTAL. Remember that Valentines lunch and leisurely stroll at the bookstore? It made my tummy very eager to overturn, and my legs complain at the UPhill struggle. Did I mention the 60 mph winds? Ok maybe not 60...just 59. Would it have been too much to ask that the wind be at my back and not force feeding itself into my lungs as it shoved me off the hill?
When you trudge through that, the second leg is a breeze. Coming (somewhat) down hill toward my car was amazingly easy and for once I started to think that MAYBE just MAYBE...i might survive this one day.
I uploaded a few different training apps to my phone that track me through GPS, calculate my speed and minutes per mile, distance, total time and a few even let my friends on FB leave me pep talk messages that I can hear as I go.
Monday I was able to complete a mile in 15 minutes and 16 seconds using the run/walk endurance method I got from couchto5k. Today I clocked in at 14 minutes 9 seconds per mile on the SAME track :) Im sure the lesser buffeting winds had SOMETHING to do with it but it tells me im getting tired a little less quickly and able to keep a better pace. I know that marathons are not about speed but the thing is, you're given a time max for completion. I dont want to do all this work only to not finish in the allotted time.
It could also have been the Alien Ant Farm album though...its a good beat!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chain of Support

I was just too wickedly excited to keep this to myself. As you all know, Im trying to create as wide a base of followers possible for the simple act of encouragement and even advice. Anyone who has had to deal with the military knows that support is the biggest life raft we have. On my Facebook I am friends with an awesome organization called Miss Your Voice. The owner, who's name isn't posted (i caught it on one of her MANY posts but since its not POSTED, posted, I wont reveal), is a military brat with an Airman on her side. MissYourVoice creates custom and themed care packages for service members, families, ect. They're super duper cute and if I hadn't found her just shy of my husband coming home from deployment, Im sure to have become a regular customer. I mean i love to send the husband packages for him and the crew but really with two kids, teaching archery, keeping the house alive, and my sewing 'business', I cant make cool packages like her :/ You should go read her About on the website  Miss Your Voice and look at all the other awesome support projects she's got under her industrial belt.
Anyhow, speaking of support, I put up a little blurb on the MissYourVoice FB page thanking her for her work and asking that she look into looking in on this blog every now and then (along with any other military supporters on her page) . Her reply?

She made it her status:)

Thanks MissYourVoice!! I just love the chain of support and camaraderie the military brothers and sisters can offer <3

Those of you who read this because of MissYourVoice THANKS!!

*sigh* ok back to trying to kick this bug so I can beat the asphalt some more tomorrow.

Toodles y'all!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Birth of Bionic

Yes I skipped a day in training-blogging but really I dont think you wanted to hear what I had to say that day. It was well after 5pm when the kids, husband, and I made it to the track thanks to a 2 hour Optometry appointment. Day 2 of running was BRUTALLY cold. I had scarfed a banana just to keep my stomach from growling over the music that the earbuds didn't exactly keep in my ears, and my mood wasn't much improved. Thin, cold, sharp air doesn't do much for me on the track. Between spitting every few minutes and the low light I was sadly ready to throw in the towel with 3 reps to go.
Thank you Hubby for NOT letting me quit. I hate to have let that moment of weakness creep in so early in the battle. Is that normal? Im hoping they go away with endurance and maybe with the help of warmer months.

Today, however, is the 4th year anniversary of my car accident. Some time between 813 and 845 tonight I check off another year that im  ALIVE  and WALKING. So cheers, titanium bolt, pins, and wires...were still grinding those gears ;)

Yesterday we picked up a Runners Calendar Log Book full of tips and info that I tried to incorporate into our jog session today. Since it was once again bitterly cold out (even at 4 in the afternoon), I tried humidifying my breathing air by covering my mouth and nose loosely with my hoodie. The book says that using a bandana over your mouth and nose help warm up that other wise icy air and it helps with the breathing. I didn't want to wear a bandana (seems like a hassle) so now that I know it helps, I plan to pick up one of those sleeves I've seen Nick and other military guys on deployment wear for what Im guessing is protection against sand.  I got to run about 3/4 of the planned session today before we realized how late we were to go grab our eldest from her Sock Hop at school. It was an ill planned session but better than skipping it all together. That and I think that im getting sick....Do you run even when you're sick?

Just saw the time. I started this blog late in the evening on the 11th of Feb 2011 and somehow I just got around to concluding it well into the 12th. I NEED to learn to get to bed earlier :/

Monday, February 7, 2011

Frick Fracking Earbuds

Today was my first day on the track in YEARS, and my first marathon training day. Know what I learned?
I have stupid worthless earbuds.
Running shoes? Check.
Running outfit? Check.
Music, jogging stroller, motivational blog? Check. Check....Check.
If there was anything that I thought would distract me out there on the track, I honestly didn't think that it would be the Mac earbuds constantly slipping out of my ears.
So the husband suggested that we go out to the track late this morning while our eldest child was at school. It started to sprinkle about immediately after we arrived in the parking lot. Coming from Miami, neither one was deterred by a light rain but the fact of the matter is...this isn't Miami. It sprinkled for the hour we waited in the comfort of the car. Not to mention that it was chilly and our youngest has a yucky cold.
So we trekked back home and tried again after picking eldest up from school.
As I believe I mentioned before, were somewhat following the schedule outlined by the Couch to 5k program. For week one, I will be running 60 seconds, and walking 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. The husband, being more experienced at running, was in charge of the time-watch.
Somehow I dont think that he kept up the 60-90 schedule...I know that 30 seconds isn't much time, but I felt the loss of those extra 30 seconds of brisk walking :/
I didn't note the distance I ran, but I did complete all 20 minutes. I cant say that I loved it and felt entirely accomplished with other joggers in their Army sweats whizzing by, but I do feel just a tad proud of myself. I didn't quit at the start and I didn't feel like I would die from it all. I did/do feel tired...when does the adrenaline start to last? How long did it take you to feel like you're whizzing by?