Friday, February 18, 2011

Well Blow Me Down!

Sadly my days of running on the Orange Dirt Road came to a close. I was reverted back to the asphalt track with a stern reminder that I must train in the road conditions I will run in. *sigh* Surprised? So was I.  I was so intimidated with the big track. In honesty though, I do better on the Orange Dirt Road. I felt less tired less early on than on the asphalt track. My theory is that because its big and you only get one run around, you dont get bored running a small circuit. The change of scenery is refreshing to this unfocused mind. The lower impact of the dirt track might also be to blame. Todays minutes per mile was 14:48, which is almost a 40 second increase from Wednesdays run.

Heres who I would REALLY like to blame: Gale. Force. Winds.

Today I was joined in training by S, another military wife whom I just met recently. I have to give it to her...she jumped right in and RAN. Somehow we had it that our walk session was on the side of the track that let the winds propel us while the jogging portion landed us in opposition to the wind. She couldnt hear me, I couldnt hear her. No one could hear my husband...though all we wanted from him was the "walk" command. While he trotted ahead of us, jogging stroller breaking the wind before him, S and I would lean into it and push so hard though it all felt like we were running in place. But we survived. 33 minutes and 40 seconds of track time and 2.21 miles. Boo yah!

*high five S!*

Lets just hope she returns Monday :$

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