Saturday, February 5, 2011

If the shoe fits

When ever I need to be motivated to due something I know can cause me to lose track, I put money on it.
Im not a spendthrift by any means, which is why this works so well for me. If I spend money on a project for myself, I feel even more so compelled to follow through. That being said.... I bought running shoes.
Last week I was in Miami visiting family when I got a deal alert for a store called Runners Co. in Doral. We'd already decided that shoes were in order and the husband insisted that we get professionally matched with a shoe. Really I though this was crock. A shoe is a shoe. Right?
Let me tell you something real quick. Next time you decide to go to a RUNNING store...wear some awesome socks. Socks so cool you'd want to wear them AS shoes. DONT wear your husbands socks, excess folded up at the toe because you could not find your own pair in your luggage. Otherwise you'll cringe when the sales man asks you to roll up your jeans, take off your shoes and stand IN YOUR SOCKS on a fancy schmancy foot analyzer that takes a whole 60 seconds to map out your foot. But it doesn't end there, oh no. Thats when you're asked to step up on the treadmill and with a camera zoomed in at your FEET, you take up a little canter that is conveniently displayed on the flat screen plasma mounted on the wall for every one to see, folded up excess flopping about all free-bird like.
I tell you all this so I can say the following: you want to be analyzed. I dont know what exactly it means but I have a high arch which requires some support from a stabilizing shoe yet the way I walk (my foot rolls out on each step) requires a neutral shoe with certain support. The pricey Nike+ Shocks I bought thinking I was getting top of the line gear, were really just expensive foot decoration that did nothing good for my running. As a matter of fact, they inhibited me and caused my toes to go numb.
The sales man gave me 4 pairs of shoes to try out from Asics, New Balance, and K Swiss. I tried each one out for fit, comfort, feel, you know....stuff that should mean something for someone who knows about running. In the end I went with K Swiss while the husband went with Asics (his personal favorite). They're light, flexible, and generally run-enticing I suppose. They sure as heck made me wince when I handed over my debit card.... And so now im partially financially committed. Partially because up next are the marathon fees....

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