Friday, February 4, 2011

up and running

Its entirely too late ( or early? What do you consider 1:48 am?) for me to have uploaded this blogger app on to my phone just so I could log my first official entry. I still have an open edit page downstairs on the Mac patiently waiting for me to tinker with but what am I doing? NOT SLEEPING.
I have clips of Forest Gump running through my head, Jenny yelling: Run Forest, run! while pieces of Forest's orthopedic gear falls away behind him. Why I relate to Forest Gump? Im not entirely sure. Except to say that im a combination of titanium orthopedic gear, hip deterioration, and entire determination to run.
Im shy a few days from marking off 4 years since I about met my maker in a car accident. In the accident I broke my elbow, hip, and about split my skull. My elbow got 4 pieces of titanium with which I've come to terms with (Bionic Woman). My hip had the most damage with rotation, dislocation, and fracture. Nothing besides taking out the broken bits could be done and so here I am still kind of limping and bending slow in Yoga. Theres no real cartlidge, its arthritic, needs to be replaced. And I want to run a marathon.
I was handed this in life and I don't want to step away one day having NOT challenged it. I don't remember when I first decided that I wanted to run a mile, much less a marathon. But here we are. My husband is in the Air Force and its part of his job to run. While talking about the new PT requirements we came to talk about the AF marathon in Ohio that takes place every September. A friend of ours took part in it 2 years ago and he loved it. I didn't think about it, I simply said: let's do it.
What the hell was I thinking???
I have LESS than 9 months to learn to run anywhere between 12 and 26 miles without flat out eating assphalt face first. Oh and losing my leg. And I MUST commit. Look at those fees. There's no way the husbands gonna let me bail out for lack of motivation, ability, or left leg. I have to summon all legal forms of forward momentum in order to keep on track and train for this marathon.
What's my biggest motivator? Sadly, public embarrassment. This is where you and this blog come in. Its one thing to let myself (and a few 'in the know' friends ) down. Its a whole other thing letting readers watch it. So here's the game plan. Im going to blog as often as possible about my training/conditioning. Ill track my progress here, curse my decision, ask for feedback. You just have to be discriminatingly blunt, and encouraging. High fives are optional.
Wondering when I start? Like all successful projects: next week, Monday February 7, 2011.
With a number like lucky number 7 who can go wrong??
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  1. I've been running off and on since Sep for navy PT and for the Gasparilla 1/2 at the end of this month. I've been running at lunch on Bayshore but slacked off last month...only ran 4xs:( Time to get back at it. I use Nike+ to track but +GPS kills my battery at 5miles/1 hour ish.

    Good luck and keep at it.

  2. Hey congrats and good luck on the Gasparilla 1/2. I bet the weathers gonna be just great for it too. I cannot say that I know exactly what to do so im entrusting my training and conditioning to my husband and a good friend (whos also in the military and great at pt). I heard about the couch to 5k program and i hope to get some of that in too since theres much success surrounding it. I have the nike+ shocks but those are now obsolete to me.... its up to a watch and the track on post to keep me informed :/