Monday, February 7, 2011

Frick Fracking Earbuds

Today was my first day on the track in YEARS, and my first marathon training day. Know what I learned?
I have stupid worthless earbuds.
Running shoes? Check.
Running outfit? Check.
Music, jogging stroller, motivational blog? Check. Check....Check.
If there was anything that I thought would distract me out there on the track, I honestly didn't think that it would be the Mac earbuds constantly slipping out of my ears.
So the husband suggested that we go out to the track late this morning while our eldest child was at school. It started to sprinkle about immediately after we arrived in the parking lot. Coming from Miami, neither one was deterred by a light rain but the fact of the matter is...this isn't Miami. It sprinkled for the hour we waited in the comfort of the car. Not to mention that it was chilly and our youngest has a yucky cold.
So we trekked back home and tried again after picking eldest up from school.
As I believe I mentioned before, were somewhat following the schedule outlined by the Couch to 5k program. For week one, I will be running 60 seconds, and walking 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. The husband, being more experienced at running, was in charge of the time-watch.
Somehow I dont think that he kept up the 60-90 schedule...I know that 30 seconds isn't much time, but I felt the loss of those extra 30 seconds of brisk walking :/
I didn't note the distance I ran, but I did complete all 20 minutes. I cant say that I loved it and felt entirely accomplished with other joggers in their Army sweats whizzing by, but I do feel just a tad proud of myself. I didn't quit at the start and I didn't feel like I would die from it all. I did/do feel tired...when does the adrenaline start to last? How long did it take you to feel like you're whizzing by?


  1. Remember that marathon running is all about endurance... you don't necessarily want to be the hare "whizzing by", you want to the the steady, albeit sometimes slower tortoise.

  2. Hey Maria,
    I tell myself this EVERY TIME i swear but Ive always been an impatient person, i like results and i like them NOW. I think once im comfortable with running consecutive miles I will be able to calm down and learn to deal with a steady pace. This is why were doing the run/walk sessions for endurance.