Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chain of Support

I was just too wickedly excited to keep this to myself. As you all know, Im trying to create as wide a base of followers possible for the simple act of encouragement and even advice. Anyone who has had to deal with the military knows that support is the biggest life raft we have. On my Facebook I am friends with an awesome organization called Miss Your Voice. The owner, who's name isn't posted (i caught it on one of her MANY posts but since its not POSTED, posted, I wont reveal), is a military brat with an Airman on her side. MissYourVoice creates custom and themed care packages for service members, families, ect. They're super duper cute and if I hadn't found her just shy of my husband coming home from deployment, Im sure to have become a regular customer. I mean i love to send the husband packages for him and the crew but really with two kids, teaching archery, keeping the house alive, and my sewing 'business', I cant make cool packages like her :/ You should go read her About on the website  Miss Your Voice and look at all the other awesome support projects she's got under her industrial belt.
Anyhow, speaking of support, I put up a little blurb on the MissYourVoice FB page thanking her for her work and asking that she look into looking in on this blog every now and then (along with any other military supporters on her page) . Her reply?

She made it her status:)

Thanks MissYourVoice!! I just love the chain of support and camaraderie the military brothers and sisters can offer <3

Those of you who read this because of MissYourVoice THANKS!!

*sigh* ok back to trying to kick this bug so I can beat the asphalt some more tomorrow.

Toodles y'all!


  1. Being part of the military is so hard. The Sarge and I were just discussing this yesterday. An entire year passed us by with no vacation other than one or two weekend race-trips to his parents', who live within 4 hours.

    In discussing why this happened, I reminded him that every time I asked if we could "go somewhere," it was never a "good time to take leave." His response was that I should have just made the plans and then he would have dealt with it. I reminded him of the trip to Mt Rushmore a few years back that got canx'd at the last minute because it was yet another bad time to take leave. The kids cried. I decided I couldn't do that to them again, and anyway how does one argue against "not a good time to take leave"?

    It's hard being a spouse, on the outside looking in, waiting, waiting, waiting. After 20 years, it didn't get any easier. There's always "mission," a TDY, a deployment, new people, old people, PT, training, PCS...

    You're doing a good thing here, and I hope it catches on.

  2. Soo Mi, its definitely NOT easy making any sorts of plans. Wether its vacation plans or reunions, even home decor cant be permanent. The flexibility that we must exibit reminds me of the motto of a Lieutenant we once knew: Semper Gumby.
    Im surprised we actually get to go to the AF Marathon. Its probably because Nick gets it counted as a TDY if he goes. For which im grateful really! We live 10 hours from our family and 7 hours from good friends. We get stuck here for a WHILE....
    We want to make it to 20+ and I wasnt thinking it would be any easier, glad to know i wasnt deceiving myself! But I look at it this way. The job has to be done. One way or another someone will fill the slot. If not us, who else? Were here because we CAN do it. And we get rewarded now and then with lifetime oppourtunities to do things, meet ppl, and go places no one ever gets.
    Thank you for your encouragement and Hoo-rah to you for your commendable service to your family, husband, and our country!