Friday, February 11, 2011

The Birth of Bionic

Yes I skipped a day in training-blogging but really I dont think you wanted to hear what I had to say that day. It was well after 5pm when the kids, husband, and I made it to the track thanks to a 2 hour Optometry appointment. Day 2 of running was BRUTALLY cold. I had scarfed a banana just to keep my stomach from growling over the music that the earbuds didn't exactly keep in my ears, and my mood wasn't much improved. Thin, cold, sharp air doesn't do much for me on the track. Between spitting every few minutes and the low light I was sadly ready to throw in the towel with 3 reps to go.
Thank you Hubby for NOT letting me quit. I hate to have let that moment of weakness creep in so early in the battle. Is that normal? Im hoping they go away with endurance and maybe with the help of warmer months.

Today, however, is the 4th year anniversary of my car accident. Some time between 813 and 845 tonight I check off another year that im  ALIVE  and WALKING. So cheers, titanium bolt, pins, and wires...were still grinding those gears ;)

Yesterday we picked up a Runners Calendar Log Book full of tips and info that I tried to incorporate into our jog session today. Since it was once again bitterly cold out (even at 4 in the afternoon), I tried humidifying my breathing air by covering my mouth and nose loosely with my hoodie. The book says that using a bandana over your mouth and nose help warm up that other wise icy air and it helps with the breathing. I didn't want to wear a bandana (seems like a hassle) so now that I know it helps, I plan to pick up one of those sleeves I've seen Nick and other military guys on deployment wear for what Im guessing is protection against sand.  I got to run about 3/4 of the planned session today before we realized how late we were to go grab our eldest from her Sock Hop at school. It was an ill planned session but better than skipping it all together. That and I think that im getting sick....Do you run even when you're sick?

Just saw the time. I started this blog late in the evening on the 11th of Feb 2011 and somehow I just got around to concluding it well into the 12th. I NEED to learn to get to bed earlier :/


  1. hello :)

    Just saw your stuff on the missyourvoice page :) I reccoment getting a nike + sports kit if you have an ipod.. I LOOOOVE mine and it really helps me stay motivated!

    Best of luck :)

  2. Hey Courtney,
    Although my husband is a self proclaimed Mac Head, we dont have an ipod since we went from the iphone to the DroidX. Ive considered getting the Nike+ but since all my music is on my Droid I havent...i wonder, now that you mentioned it, if the android market has an app for it...hmmm
    Thanks for the idea!!